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What is ShortNews ?
Why do I need ShortNews?
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How do I use ShortNews
MyShortNews: Your wholly individual information turntable
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  What is ShortNews ?
ShortNews - Your highway through the information jungle
What exactly does this mean?
Conventional news offers Few for many
ShortNews Lots for many
Shortnews is a news platform and community. Its philosophy is to allow a large amount of news to be absorbed in a short time. We limit ourselves to just the core facts in our news. So you don’t have to fight through pages of text to find what you want.
Shortnews has no deadlines or holidays. You can connect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and get the latest information.
At Shortnews we believe anyone with internet access can be a reporter irrespective of origin, race or religion. At the moment this is 150 million people worldwide.
Shortnews has no editors who tell you what to write, or who decide what is important or "in" or "out". At Shortnews you get the information you want – without compromise. What topics are popular are not decided by one empowered individual, but by an entire community using that most powerful and terrible directional weapon – the mouse button.
At ShortNews it is not up to the mercy of one editor whether you can say your opinion. You also don't have to wait weeks on end to have your reader's letter published.At ShortNews, every opinion is welcome and is immediately published without censorship. Every message can immediately be marked with a comment by you, which is directly visible to everyone else.
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