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  What did you do on new years eve?  
What did you do on new years eve? What happened in your country in general?

We almost accidentially startet a fire in a phone booth, and the fire brigade came and put it out, and it was mighty crazy, we then startet fires on the ground instead, that worked better :)

all in all a crazy night all over Denmark, 3 people dead from fireworks, 2 of which had their heads blown apart... :O and ofcourse several houses burned to the ground due to stray rockets.

How was your new years eve?
 From: silencio     01/01/2004 05:29 PM     
i dont remember
  by: xedaps     01/01/2004 06:07 PM     
That sounds pretty crazy.
Well in my country all i know is Sydney had massive fireworks display. Same as every year nothing special.
My city had street parties everywhere.
Most of the cafe strips in the city were closed to traffic to allow for the parties.
Every club raised entry prices by 100% or more. One went from $10 to $90.
I had a pretty heavy night of drinking, and i am suprised i still remember what i did.
Got home around lunch time new yeards day.
  by: Whipd+Kreem     01/01/2004 07:37 PM     
went to work, went to friends, got drunk, watched fireworks out of the window, drank a little more, slept, got up again and went to work ;o)
  by: boolie     01/01/2004 09:07 PM     
I drove three hours to upstate NY after work to see my friends who also have a baby. We played the Trivial Pursuit with the DVD, watched the ball drop on TV and went outside to see the fireworks down the street.
Went to sleep for 6 hours and got up for day. Drove three hours back home. I drank out of a Saranac sampler pack along with Korbel Sparkling Wine because the liquor store had nothing from France or Chile. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
  by: JFURY     01/02/2004 02:43 AM     
shoulda stopped by Syracuse for a drink :)
  by: xedaps     01/02/2004 04:01 AM     
  yeah Xedaps  
My friends live in the unexciting town of Oneonta. zzzzzzzzzzz!
  by: JFURY     01/02/2004 05:00 AM     
Went to a friends house kinda near Frankfurt. Had dinner with the in laws before hand, so we didn't get there til about ten. At 11 about ten of us (everyone our friend invited) decided to go up on top of the hill and let the fire works off from there. It was amazing, at midnight. We could see all the fireworks of 4 different cities/villages, on every side of us in a circle.

Then we went and drank some more, cleaned up a bit at 6am and crashed into bed an hour later. Got up at 12, had breakfast and aspirin, went back to the in laws. Then drove for yet another hour and a half to get home :o)

It was the best New Years I've ever had.
  by: Lois_Lane     01/02/2004 10:23 AM     
  That was...  
the most unspactacular New Years Eve for the last 15 Years. I went to my Girlfriends Place, drank some Wine had Dinner (and watched "Dinner for one" ;o)) watched the fireworks and went to bed. Very relaxed *g*
  by: theBO!   01/05/2004 12:21 PM     
procedure as last year, Bo?

  by: Katieay     01/05/2004 12:56 PM     
  Onienta? Ouch  
I was in Mattydale...not very exciting either, but there are no city cops - only troopers and sherrifs who are busy pulling people over...PARTY!!! ;)
  by: xedaps     01/05/2004 10:05 PM     
Procedure as every year, Katieay!

  by: theBO!   01/06/2004 10:55 AM     
Won´t be long it will be News Years Day 2018. Time flies. I hope they don´t shoot guns in the air again. I found a lead bullet on my roof once.
  by: Lurker     12/07/2017 03:18 AM     
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