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12/14/2005 09:06 PM ID: 244174 Permalink   

Bush: 'I am responsible'


Today, President Bush has accepted responsbility for having gone to war based upon faulty intelligence.

Bush still defends the war by stating, "My decision to remove Saddam Hussein was the right decision". Bush called Saddam a threat and that the American people, along with the world is better off since he is no longer in power.

Bush also claims, in his December 7th speech, that the United States has succeeded in helping Iraq improve its economy and infrastructure. Bush calls this the "battle after the battle".

    WebReporter: jediman3 Show Calling Card      
  Nice how  
He 'accepts' the fact that he screwed up royally, yet tries to turn it around...
Also, does he forget charity begins at home?
While we shell out millions upon millions for the Iraq (and i'm not against helping others, ever), I do draw the line at the fact that we have no money for schools, etc here, and are getting economically screwed.

So basically once again, prime example of Bush blowing smoke up the American ass. Great.
  by: jediman3     12/14/2005 09:16 PM     
Am I the only one who was laughing because his intelligence was faulty?
  by: Zygo   12/14/2005 09:26 PM     
  by: jediman3     12/14/2005 09:31 PM     
can this man be such a great risk to the world; HE 'thinks' (well thats a new one) the world is better off without Saddam, well just like HE thinks there is need to invade a country like Afganistan 'cause Bin Laden is hidden somewhere there. (Allthoug i would doubt he would find him even if he was in the US ;) )
I 'think' the world is better off with guys like Bush as well... But my opinion doesnt seem to matter, as is with alot of the US people who are against Bush as well..

BTW I am not against the US, just against idiots who want to rule the world, no matter from where they are. I'm also against stupid rules, but who isn't ;)
  by: MadButcher   12/14/2005 10:12 PM     
  I think the biggest risk with Bush  
is the fact that he knows he can't be re-elected again, and once his term is up he won't have to deal with this mess anymore. He knows that, and it really give him some room to do damage. I'm not saying he's doing it on purpose, but how does that matter either way?
  by: kcking05     12/14/2005 10:40 PM     
  Sure.. intelligence "failure".  
You don't for a Office of special plans for nothing. The PNAC people have long wanted to set more troops in the middle-east. Don't buy this lie about faulty intelligence. It was cherry picked to suit the agenda.
  by: Kaleid   12/14/2005 10:43 PM     
  Imagine a court hearing  
I can just see Bush in court and him getting off on the basis of being mentally retarded....
  by: Whiskers   12/14/2005 11:54 PM     
  Bush isn't responsible  
His puppet string handlers are...Paul Wolfowitz wanted to go for Iraq Sept 11. 2001. Then there's Richard Pearle, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney...they are ultimately responsible...because think about it...G W Bush was elected without even travelling to another would he know about Foreign policy in 4-5 years? It's his ride hand people that tell him what the world is like according to them...a battle between good and evil and that America should stand stedfast in defeating that evil so people are united and ready to fight....yada yada yada....just "wake me up when 2008 comes" :)
  by: Mr-Anderson   12/15/2005 01:13 AM     
  @ MadButcher  
Actually, I believe that afghanistan needed to be taken care of (the Taliban ran the government quite horribly, and the folks there just didn't have much of a life at all...although I do believe there were probably better ways to hand the ENTIRE situation in the middle east. ) And as for Bush, as much as he sucks, I must say he's just the wrong president for the wrong time. I think he would make a pretty decent war-time president (like, World War type war, not this current one, lol) He lies all the time, they make nearly every document he touches top-secret, they create faulty intelligence, approve of torture methods to gain intelligence, and somehow hide most of their antics from the general public. They planted false evidence (I remember all the reports of the various "findings" in Iraq initially, like, does anyone remember when they claimed to have found a mobile bio-weapons factory...gee whiz, I'd say that counts as WMD...yet they don't mention it...cuz they are trying to make us forget it, cuz they planted it. Anyway, what I'm saying is, this guy's deceitful tactics and complete lack of consideration for others would come to good use in the event of some big global war...but, there is none, so why the heck is this guy president??? </end rant>
  by: theavenger8     12/15/2005 01:51 AM     
  All leaders are at fault!  
Even as farback as WW2.
Hitler screwed up consistently by starting battles on new front and not following through with each battle and losing 20% of his resources in each battle.
Stalin screwed up massively by expending virtually ALL of the russian army at Stalingrad.
America screwed up by allowing Pearl Harbour to happen even with knowledge
of the Japanese naval buildup in the north.(Yes they had two days prior knowledge and did nothing!)
Even today leaders are still screwing up.
GW Bush invaded Iraq on false information.
And in Australia our leaders are still srewing up because they have no answer to the ethnic problem in Sydney.
  by: cavador   12/15/2005 02:10 AM     
  Someone save that clip  
so they can play it at his world court trial in absentia.
  by: Mister crank     12/15/2005 02:40 AM     
The problem in Sydney is lack of respect for Australia culture by other cultures...we let other cultures build relgious worship like mosques, temples etc...let them pray during work hours, have their own food stores and don't pressure them into speaking english....we in Australia have been very very tolerant of other cultures but it's gotten to the point where the Australian culture has had enough disrespect from other's not a racial issue, it's behavourial and cultural. We allow so many concessions to other cultures that the generations now take for granted.

I would support a silent no violent protest on Cronulla beach, however I would not support a Neo-Nazi white superemacist fueled riot aimed at innocent women and men of different skin colour...2 Bangladeshian students were pathetic is that! The mob was drunk, blind with rage and led by Neo nazis...that's our the cultural issues, criminal issues and bash the Neo-Nazis...not people who have different skin colours.

  by: Mr-Anderson   12/15/2005 03:27 AM     
>Hitler screwed up consistently by >starting battles on new front and not >following through with each battle and >losing 20% of his resources in each >battle.

Hitler more than followed through with his battles, which is why he lost so many at Stalingrad, etc. He didn't know when to give up or retreat properly.

>Stalin screwed up massively by >expending virtually ALL of the russian >army at Stalingrad.

Uuh, Stalin didn't 'screw up', he drove the germans out of Stalingrad and steamrolled them right back to Berlin.

>America screwed up....blah blah >blah...(Yes they had two days prior >knowledge and did nothing!)

Source? Credible source?
  by: cbuilding   12/15/2005 04:17 AM     
  All i can say to Everyone is  
Just look at all the horrible stuff this president has had to deal with since he's been president
  by: NewsFlashoOo     12/15/2005 06:08 AM     
  Well, he earned points in my book  
About time he admitted the obvious, and its good he's taken the blame for it, even if he is a puppet one as some may accuse. He made the final decision to go to war. I think it was J.F.K. who was in the same position with the Bay of Pigs fiasco, despite the fact it wasn't his call, it was his administration. Kudos to the President.
  by: DesertRebel   12/15/2005 06:12 AM     
all i can say is just look at all the horrible stuff this president has done since he's been president.
  by: manilaryce     12/15/2005 06:30 AM     
  Bush isn’t responsible,  
in fact he’s completely irresponsible.

I’m still laughing at “succeeded in helping Iraq improve its economy and infrastructure”. They have no clean drinking water and only occasional electricity. They don’t have a functional military to defend their country or keep terrorists out. How is that an improvement?

If he just admitted that, “this whole war was revenge for Saddam threatening my daddy”, I would stand up and applaud. It would be refreshing to hear the truth from this asshat just once in his miserable life. Way too little and way too late.

The big “BUT” discounts everything that comes before it anyway so this apology is moot. “I accept responsibility for having gone to war based upon faulty intelligence BUT my decision to remove Saddam Hussein was the right decision". Apology rejected! Dubya remains an ASSHAT!

When is he going to be concerned about the economy and infrastructure in the US? Isn’t he the president of the USA? Shouldn’t the economy and infrastructure in the USA be his prime concern?

Hey Dubya, if you have a hair on your ass you and Cheney will hand in your resignations and admit to everything. Yea, that’s what I thought, just a couple of amped up Tookies.
  by: valkyrie123     12/15/2005 06:33 AM     
I am a Republican but i will admit John Kerry didnt seem like a leader to me at all and the lies.
I dont agree with alot of stuff Bush has done but we had to vote for one
Seems like the economy was real good when Clinton was in office
Our country is gonna be broke by the time Bush gets threw his term and we need to end this war already all the people that are dying and i heard Bush say something like 30,000 Iraqies are dead thats terrible
And we got 4 more years of him :(
  by: NewsFlashoOo     12/15/2005 07:31 AM     
Maybe its time for the US to introduce a 'more than 2' party system.
There is little difference in a 1 or a 2 party system.
But even if you have more than 8 parties to vote on, you still depend on the words of politicians who are proven to be less trustworthy :(
When there is only 1 party to vote for you at least know what to expect, good and bad.
But it is true that mister Bush should concentrate more on his own country and should respect the opinion of the rest of the world on different cases like trading, united nation, health care and environmental care commissions.
  by: MadButcher   12/15/2005 10:05 AM     
  Selective amnesia  
It's an epidemic, how so many people have selective amnesia.
There has been this annoying sound, a constant whining, beginning the very day after the first election, presumably because the guy with the popular vote didn't win, that this evil mastermind Bush character stole the presidency. The irony of course is that the previous guy didn't get the popular vote on his first term either. But why let something as trivial as the facts get in the way?

In 1993, Islamic terrorists used a bomb in an attempt to weaken the structure of the exact same target of the 2001 attacks. The president at that time really didn't do anything with the eight years he had in regard to preventing similar future attacks to this or any other structure. Nor could he be bothered with the task of securing this nation from further influx of those whose only purpose is to commit such acts, or even finding those who were already here, plotting and scheming, and waiting. (but he sure went after those wackos in Waco, global threat that they were) It's not as if he didn't have ample opportunity or resources, he just chose to ignore the problem, the blindingly obvious threat that existed. "Hopefully the next guy will just have to deal with it."

I'm no big fan of any politician because I've lived long enough to know that none of them have ever been a fan of mine, or yours. Everyone knows Bush is a moron. But even if he were a genius, an eloquent speaker, People magazine's sexiest man of the year...I still wouldn't envy him on such a day as Sept. 11th, 2001. Many believe that these terrorists were unsuccessful. If you look at how sharply divided our nation has become though...
If someone were able to look at things with an objective eye, he could see how the actions/inactions of any given administration can have far-reaching, and sometimes devastating implications.

As for invading Iraq, removing Saddam and trying to establish some form of democracy, I've heard worse ideas. But it was most foolish nonetheless. I agree that, other than Afghanistan, the focus should be HERE, in our own collective back yard. Securing our borders for example. Rooting out the insurgents for another. No one flew a hijacked commercial airliner from the Middle East into this country to use as a missile against civilians.
  by: moloko_plus   12/15/2005 11:24 AM     
  Something to read...  
  by: Kaleid   12/15/2005 12:11 PM     
  C'mon America... impeach him, make him face a trial for war crimes and lock the bastard up.
Don't forget to get Tony Blair involved aswell, he can keep Bush company.
  by: ozric   12/15/2005 01:35 PM     
  What about...  
Every other nation that sent troops, Australia... Poland... etc Do their leaders get banged up too?
  by: koultunami     12/15/2005 02:50 PM     
  I Say Nay  
You get the head dude...all other leaders acted on what they were fed...Australia supports the US because A) Allies in good faith B) Future protection....and they better deliver when we needed defending.
  by: Mr-Anderson   12/15/2005 02:55 PM     
  HEs Still lying  
He and his terroist crew were cherry picking the intellegence, it was NOT faulty, See all the SN stories related!
  by: MmmMan     12/15/2005 04:29 PM     
Liberal left wing wackjobs.
  by: tmoura   12/15/2005 05:17 PM     
No, other leaders were drawn into a situation that Bush and Blair were ultimatley responsible for manufacturing.
  by: ozric   12/15/2005 05:36 PM     
At this point, what, if anything could Bush get impeached/removed from office for over this?

I mean is there enough viable evidence to do that?
Or are we stuck with the numbnuts until 2k8 *shudder*
  by: jediman3     12/15/2005 06:08 PM     
at least he admits he was wrong...but i still go with the fact that everything he says is written by his speech writters...basically they're the ones making the decions...
  by: rmpoppel   12/15/2005 07:34 PM     
They've known all along that the intelligence was very poor. Wolfowitz: "for reasons that have a lot to do with the US government bureaucracy, we settled on the one issue that everyone could agree on: weapons of mass destruction."

They sold the war on that basis and added the Al qaeda and Saddam link and thus also linking it with 9/11

Prepare to be lied to again
  by: Kaleid   12/15/2005 08:36 PM     
  If I ran for President  
Would you all Vote for me
If i ran for president i could be the first female President ya :)
  by: NewsFlashoOo     12/16/2005 10:08 AM     
i would vote for yah ;)
  by: stonedwookie   12/16/2005 11:39 AM     
isnt this him being two faced..actually more faces than just 2 even...simply being...HE CREATED PART OF THIS FAULTY INTELLIGENCE!!!
the downing memos..which minute kept records in blairs zone have always been stated as well kept and acurate....have stated long ago how toegether the knew they couldnt go to war because of a lack of in turn needed..and stated..needed to create one ..which is when the WMD came into the picture. why didnt they just say hey..we lost our wallets when were over there last and got some pretty importent things in them...were going to go with a group to look for them. If he was my neighbor..he wouldve moved on long ago but seems pretty easy to hide from the public when in the white house..especially when youre pissing people off and making them expendable for his and others gain.
  by: DemonIII   12/16/2005 02:15 PM     
  A dear friend reminded me of this one!...  
"I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it."

--Dwight D. Eisenhower
  by: captainJane     03/20/2012 06:11 PM     
to see this story in the side bar today, as today I came across a headline of: Bush, Blair found guilty of war crimes in Malaysia tribunal. They are calling for them to answer to the I.C.C. Doubt it would happen but I hope they can feel the pressure.
  by: manicfoot   03/20/2012 06:26 PM     
Good friends always come back. Not even politicians can disrupt friendship.
  by: manicfoot   03/20/2012 06:33 PM     
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