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ShortNewser of the month
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  Write with ShortNews and Win!  
ShortNews would not exist were it not for the contributions of its many members and to say thank you for your input, we are launching the ShortNewser of the Month award. The winner is to receive a $50 voucher from The monthly winners, along with an admins’ wildcard, will go in the running to be crowned ShortNewser of the Year.

**Second and third place will now be given prizes as well.**

Following the success in the first five months of the ShortNewser of the Month competition, we at ShortNews have decided to give a second and third prize of a US$25 Amazon gift voucher, and a US$15 gift voucher respectively. Now you have even more reason to participate here!

On the first weekday of each month the admin team will nominate five users for the award. The list of nominees will be on the voting page, and there will be three days to vote. Simply click the ‘vote’ button as often as you are allowed, or spread your votes around if you are a multi-star user.

To make sure you get our attention, it’s advisable to get yourself up into the monthly high score list (Top 30). We will nominate people from outside the list but being on it is your best chance of being noticed. Also, there are things that will diminish your chances of being nominated. If it is obvious you are more interested in the quantity rather than the quality of news summaries and/or you make little or no effort to proofread your work then you diminish your chance of nomination. Likewise if we have to remove a number of unjustified ratings that you've given, warn you for flaming/flamebaiting, or edit insults out of your comments, then your chances of being nominated are reduced. The main thing we will be looking for when choosing nominees is a positive contribution to the site.

To prevent users creating multiple accounts and voting for themselves we have made it a requirement that you have at least one star to vote. The more stars you have, the greater the weight of your vote. In short, the more you've contributed, the more say you have in choosing a community superstar.

The weightings are as follows:

1 star - 1 vote
2 stars - 2 votes
3 stars - 5 votes
4 stars - 7 votes
5 stars - 10 votes

Now there are a few rules:

1. Questions as to why an individual was or was not nominated will not be answered individually. The whys are either mentioned above or a person may be elected at a further date.

2. Do not offer or accept any incentive to vote a particular way.

3. Don't tell others who you are voting for, just vote.

Any ShortNews member who is not an employee or family of an employee of GoNamic GmbH is eligible to be nominated. If a CC is nominated it will be solely the decision of the head admin Lois_Lane, who – as an employee – is ineligible.

To cast your vote, click here:

We hope you enjoy this new addition to the site, and good luck, all of you!
 From: Lois_Lane     08/29/2007 11:16 AM     
  great news  
competition could tear us apart, but cooperation could bring us together. who needs it the most? since we are a community of sorts, i think we ought to vote not just for those who contribute the most, but for those whom we think could use the $50.
  by: ManilaRyce     08/29/2007 11:43 AM     
  Before the comments  
get too crazy, I want to thank SN's techie extraordinnaire SirDariusz, who took our idea and vision and turned it into something easy and concise! Thank you, O. Really!

Also, a special thanks to Ixuzus, who slaved over this. He took his brain child, and my brain child, and merged them into the skeleton of what we've launched today. He worked tirelessly over the last ten months to see this come to fruition. Thanks, dude.

Also, my team! My team, my team. You guys are seriously so very awesome. And of course you guys. Without the SN users, we wouldn't still be here, and Lucas would have to wear fourth-hand clothing and live in a worse part of town. Thanks guys.

/sappy little Oscars speech
  by: Lois_Lane     08/29/2007 12:00 PM     
  Awww... thanks  
It's great to see all the work come together as this.
  by: ixuzus     08/29/2007 12:07 PM     
  wow how cool is that  
great idea, well done CC's
hopefully it will bring out the best in us and bring a few new writers to the fore!

do you still get to vote if you are nominated?
  by: JulesLady     08/30/2007 12:39 AM     
  by: ixuzus     08/30/2007 05:50 AM     
thanks all for voting for me! I am so proud! *BEAM*
  by: JulesLady     09/12/2007 01:01 AM     
  Great this is happening...  
I really appreciate this place and so enjoy all these stories I have learned so much through coming here, Good luck to all of you!
Hope you can award some these guys with their comments; on occasions the comments are a stories on there own, full of wit, anger and sorting out the world, All good stuff, making me laugh until I cry more times than I can count and that’s when I am not ranting my head off at someone (Such a huge stress relief) Thanks for you that guys too. ;)

Assessed this news because I believe it is great that that you have done this project @ixuzus and Lois lane and thank you all of you that keep me occupied.

Now could admin please sort out my spelling and grammar? Lol

  by: captainJane     10/01/2007 11:18 PM     
  Good work Jules.  
I would like to congratulate you first. :)
  by: captainJane     10/02/2007 07:33 AM     
  Can we use this space to keep track of winners!?  
I am already having trouble remember who won, and in which month.
  by: theironboard     01/03/2008 12:35 PM     
  Winners so far:  
August 2007: Juleslady
September 2007: Lurker
October 2007: elijah4twenty
November 2007: Hugo Chavez
December 2007: ixuzus
  by: caution2     01/30/2008 12:35 AM     
  January 2008  
Winner: captainJane
1st runner-up: l'anglais
2nd runner-up: crosimoto
  by: caution2     02/08/2008 09:24 AM     
  February 2008  
Winner: l'anglais
1st runner-up: Hugo Chavez
2nd runner-up: MomentOfClarity
  by: caution2     03/19/2008 09:33 AM     
  March 2008  
Winner: Hugo Chavez
1st runner-up: Quantum1.5
2nd runner-up: stretchman
  by: caution2     04/08/2008 11:23 AM     
  April 2008  
Winner: TaraB
1st runner-up: elijah4twenty
2nd runner-up: stretchman
  by: caution2     05/07/2008 01:01 AM     
  May 2008  
Winner: l'anglais
1st runner-up: grumpy ray
2nd runner-up: JFURY
  by: caution2     06/10/2008 10:49 PM     
  June 2008  
Winner: caution2, vizhatlan (tie)
1st runner-up: boaznjachin
2nd runner-up: Crosimoto
  by: caution2     08/01/2008 11:38 PM     
  July 2008  
Winner: Morgora
1st runner-up: John E Angel
2nd runner-up: sleeky
  by: caution2     08/06/2008 07:01 PM     
  August 2008  
Winner: Morgora
1st runner-up: captainJane
2nd runner-up: gws1968
  by: caution2     10/06/2008 07:43 PM     
  September 2008  
Winner: vizhatlan
1st runner-up: l'anglais
2nd runner-up: caution2
  by: caution2     10/06/2008 07:44 PM     
  October 2008  
Winner: Vash_the_Stampede
1st runner-up: TaraB
2nd runner-up: Hugo Chavez
  by: caution2     11/11/2008 07:43 PM     
  November 2008  
Winner: ZatoNado001
1st runner-up: Flashby
2nd runner-up: Vash_the_Stampede
  by: caution2     12/08/2008 08:02 PM     
  December 2008  
Winner: ixuzus
1st runner-up: captainJane
2nd runner-up: valkyre123
  by: caution2     01/26/2009 08:48 PM     
  January 2009  
Winner: Ben_Reilly
1st runner-up: caution2
2nd runner-up: vash_the_stampede
  by: caution2     02/09/2009 10:22 PM     
  February 2009  
Winner: Vash_the_Stampede
1st runner-up: Hugo Chavez
2nd runner-up: elijah4twenty
  by: caution2     03/06/2009 07:30 PM     
  March 2009  
Winner: theironboard
1st runner-up: Ben_Reilly
2nd runner-up: vizhatlan
  by: caution2     04/14/2009 08:38 PM     
  May 2009  
(No vote was held for April)

Winner: slavefortheman
1st runner-up: Rose-Ockulisto
2nd runner-up: djskagnetti
  by: caution2     06/10/2009 06:33 PM     
  June 2009  
Winner: Tarheel68
1st runner-up: Ben_Reilly
2nd runner-up: bbeljefe
  by: caution2     07/16/2009 02:37 AM     
you are rarely here, i think you have many things to do in the school.
  by: vizhatlan     08/11/2009 11:48 AM     
  July 2009  
Winner: ixuzus
1st runner-up: TaraB
2nd runner-up: Tarheel68
  by: caution2     08/13/2009 09:40 AM     
  August 2009  
Winner: Ben_Reilly
1st runner-up: TaraB
2nd runner-up: teh_epic
  by: caution2     09/30/2009 05:42 AM     
  September 2009  
Winner: TaraB
1st runner-up: tuogh
2nd runner-up: Hugo Chavez
  by: caution2     11/01/2009 07:10 PM     
Might I suggest that the short newser of the month be voted for closer to the month for which their are being nominated and voted for? We´re almost in Jan but still haven´t voted on Oct.´s shortnewser otm. My memory isn´t that good, so I can´t remember who posted what if it is more than a month ago.
  by: shaohu     12/30/2009 06:20 AM     
  February 2010  
Winner: vizhatlan
1st runner-up: ixuzus
2nd runner-up: captainJane, questworldz (tie)
  by: caution2     03/08/2010 08:41 PM     
  Remember this.  
What ever happened?
  by: captainJane     08/08/2010 05:14 AM     
  August 2010  
Winner: caution2
1st runner-up: sleeky
2nd runner-up: captainJane
  by: caution2     08/26/2010 10:20 PM     
  September 2010  
Winner: caution2
1st runner-up: ixuzus
2nd runner-up: alisha rose

  by: jtusa   11/08/2010 10:43 PM     
  you guys  
stopped doing this?
  by: enzomendicino     11/22/2010 09:34 PM     
Of course we did not stop! Here are the results of the last voting for October´s ShortNewser:

Winner: ixuzus
1st runner-up: NuttyPrat
2nd runner-up: alisha rose

  by: jtusa   12/01/2010 10:07 AM     
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