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  Glenn Beck, you owe me a new keyboard  
"O-L-I-G-A-R-H. One letter is missing."

"The one that's missing, is Y."

The next day, did he:

A) Reveal it was intentional, anticipating a flood of emails and so setting up a future segment focusing on the word he choose for the letter C?

B) Address the mistake with humility and a short apology?

C) Scoff at "liberal blogs" that pointed out his mistake, clearly showing how the word for the letter C was already on his board in a previous episode for some other point?
 From: caution2     09/13/2009 04:13 AM     
I loved one of the comments under the first link:

B igoted
E vil
C razy
K ook
  by: Lurker     09/13/2009 05:14 AM     
Didn't know about the next-day response. That's priceless.

B ig-mouthed
E arly-'90s
C hild
K iller
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/13/2009 06:07 AM     
Beck has no sense of history if he thinks socialism and czars go well together ...
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/13/2009 06:13 AM     
I bet Beck thinks socialism is a political system. Maybe this is why he hates socialism so much.

Also could someone clear this up for me, isn't Obama's Global Warming Czar apart of or was apart of a socialist group?

Why the hell are people trying to paint such a bad picture of socialism when the US isn't really fully capitalistic anymore. Its like being of mix race & hating that race which happens to be apart of you.

Oh & did anyone catch how when Beck was spelling oligarh he had to look back & see if he was spelling it correctly (& still failed lol).
  by: Vhan     09/13/2009 07:41 AM     
  This Joker  
Belongs on the comedy channel following The Colbert Report.

Oops, I forgot he is on a comedy channel.
  by: ichi     09/13/2009 08:02 AM     
  by: NicPre     09/13/2009 08:28 PM     
  Oh come on Nic....  
It's obvious the author of that sign intended the last letter to be an m. Notice how the last line in the N is tilted in a direction that would indicate its actually just an incomplete m.

I'm guessing maybe the poor man's crayon broke and he couldn't figure out how to fix it. ;)

  by: bbeljefe     09/14/2009 05:09 AM     
If you liked that one, you have to check out this collection of photos from this weekend's Glenn Beck conference in DC.

I wonder if Beck even realizes that there were more czars assigned under W than any other president, or that Russian czars bear no political resemblance to communism.
  by: caution2     09/14/2009 05:43 AM     
  I always....  
....wonder what people like beck, or whoever, are like at home, when they are safe and unrestrained. Do they still act like they do on air? Same beliefs? I mean I imagine stuff, but I don't know. I just wonder...."wtf are they ACTUALLY thinking on the *real* inside of themselves?"
  by: tuogh     09/14/2009 06:27 AM     
I hear you! I was always hoping SNL would have a Chris Matthews sketch (Darrell Hammond plays him) following Matthews at home, having him speak in that same sort of blurting honk he uses on his show -- "Hey SON. Do me a FAVOR. Take out the GARBAGE."

As far as whether Beck is consistent in his beliefs, well ...
  by: Ben_Reilly     09/14/2009 07:39 AM     
I did some googleing, here's a list of the "Czars" that I could find refrences for, though I can't find all the names, and there are obviously some missing, because there are supposed to be 34 of them according to the "Fair and balanced" network;

Energy czar--Carol Browner
Urban czar --Adolfo Carrion, Jr.
Infotech czar --Vivek Kundra
Faith-based czar-- Joshua DuBois
Health reform czar Nancy-Ann DeParle
New TARP czar --Herb Allison
Stimulus accountability czar-- Earl Devaney
Non-proliferation czar --Gary Samore
Terrorism (I thought they didn't use that word) czar --John Brennan
Regulatory czar-- Cass Sunstein
Drug czar-- Gil Kerlikowske
Guantanamo closure czar --Daniel Fried
pay czar--Kenneth R. Feinberg
a U.S. border czar--Alan Bersin
car czar--Steve Rattner
Economic Czar-- Paul A. Volcker
Intelligence Czar -- Dennis Blair
Great Lakes (????WTF???) Czar-- Cameron Davis
Cyber Czar-- TBA
Copyright Czar
Climate Czar
Housing Czar
Mortgage Czar
Iran czar
Middle East czar-- George Mitchell
Afghanistan and Pakistan czar
education czar
AIDS czar
green jobs czar (I don't know if they'll name a new one or not)

Here's a list of how many "Czars" each president had, the first number represents the number of "Czar" positions and the number of appointments, so, Bush had 35 Czar positions over 8 years, with 46 appointments across those positions.

Franklin Roosevelt 1933-1945 12 19
Harry Truman 1945-1953 6 6
Dwight Eisenhower 1953-1961 1 1
Lyndon Johnson 1963-1969 3 3
Richard Nixon 1969-1974 3 5
Gerald Ford 1974-1977 1 1
Jimmy Carter 1977-1981 2 3
Ronald Reagan 1981-1989 1 1
George H. W. Bush 1989-1993 2 3
Bill Clinton 1993-2001 7 11
George W. Bush 2001-2009 35 46
Barack Obama 2009 32 35
  by: boaznjachin     09/14/2009 09:55 AM     
Bush went fro Clinton's 7 to his 35 and right now Obama has 35. Reading the list I can see some of them are going to be short term, or at least temporary. A few I see with no permanant future:Guantanamo closure czar --Daniel Fried and car czar--Steve Rattner.

As for a Great Lakes Czar, I too would like to know why there is one and if so do I get to tell them about Granholm wasting the Stimulus money or do I have to talk to both of them?

One last thing. If Clinton got by with the high number of 7 and JFK didn't have any (?) Why in the hell does Bush or Obama need all these positions? Isn't there people that were in charge of these things before 9/11?

Also for all of those that bitch about Obama's (including Beck even though he isn't here that we know of) did you/they also complain as loudly as you are now?

I never heard so much as a peep from anyone on either side about Bush's Czars. And if having that many Czars make you a commie, socialist, fascist, in favor of becoming any of the above or Glen's worry an oligarh/oligarhy/oligarChy then that means Bush would have been for the same thing I would say.
  by: TaraB     09/14/2009 10:13 AM     
  In defense of BOTH Presidents  
A lot of stuff happened in the Bush years that may have required someone to keep an eye on things....

And because they didn't, Obama has to keep eyes on other things.... Like lake Michigan appearantly
  by: boaznjachin     09/15/2009 04:44 AM     
  I hate seeing 13 comments on threads...  
So here's 14
  by: boaznjachin     09/15/2009 09:41 AM     
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