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  IIPA: Recommending FOSS on a level with Piracy  
Last year the Indonesian government told municipal governments that they had to either buy their software or switch to free open source software. (they´re looking to crack down on software piracy in government departments)

In their submission to the Special 301 the International Intellectual Property Alliance is demanding Indonesia take back their FOSS recommendation and is going after a number of countries for preferring FOSS.

[Having just railed about pretty much every type of piracy you can imagine]

"Worse yet, instead of focusing attention on piracy and solutions to the problem, the government retained onerous market access barriers... and added new restrictions. For example, in March 2009 the Ministry of Administrative Reform (MemPAN issued Circular Letter No.1 of 2009 to all central and provisional government offices, including State-owned enterprises, endorsing the use and adoption of open source software within government organizations. While the government issued this circular in part with the stated goal to "reduce software copyright violation[s]," in fact, by denying technology choice the measure will create additional trade barriers and deny fair and equitable market access to software companies..."

A variation which I don´t have an original source for:

"The government of Indonesia, under its Ministry of Administrative Reform (MenPAN), officially sent to all central and provincial government offices, including state-owned enterprises in Indonesia, Circular Letter No. 1 of 2009 issued on March 30, 2009, endorsing the use and adoption of open source software within government organizations. More specifically, the MenPAN letter, concerning the “Utilization of Legal Software and Open Source Software (OSS),” encourages government agencies to use “FOSS” (Free Open Source Software) with a view toward implementation by the end of 2011, which the Circular states will result in the use of legitimate open source and FOSS software and a reduction in overall costs of software.

While IIPA has no issue with one of the stated goals of the circular, namely, “reducing software copyright violation,” the Indonesian government’s policy as indicated in the circular letter instead simply weakens the software industry and undermines its long-term competitiveness by creating an artificial preference for companies offering open source software and related services, even as it denies many legitimate companies access to the government market. Rather than fostering a system that will allow users to benefit from the best solution available in the market, irrespective of the development model, it encourages a mindset that does not give due consideration to the value to intellectual creations. As such, it fails to build respect for intellectual property rights and also limits the ability of government or public-sector customers (e.g., State-owned enterprise) to choose the best solutions to meet the needs of their organizations and the Indonesian people. It also amounts to a significant market access barrier for the software industry."

See also

For those who don´t know the IIPA contains the MPAA, the RIAA, and the BSA.

 From: ixuzus     02/27/2010 03:17 PM     
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Still suffering from IIPA whiplash.
  by: ichi     03/01/2010 07:36 AM     
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