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  Repeal the Democrats...

"Put it this way: If you produce a bill that Olympia Snowe of Maine cannot vote for, you have not produced legislation "for the generations." You have not even produced legislation that is liberal. You have produced legislation from the left. You have produced once-in-a-lifetime legislation that no Republican from any constituency across America could vote for.

Finally, we are achieving real political definition.

The Democrats are now the party of the state. The 20th century hybrid version of the Democratic Party, which included private-sector industrial unions and Wall Street liberals, is being abandoned by its leadership as unwanted and increasingly unnecessary.

Richard Trumka, the former head of the mine workers´ union who now runs the AFL-CIO, had to get an 11th hour White-House reprieve from his own party´s desire to get financing for their legislation by taxing many of his largely private-sector union members´ Rolls-Royce insurance plans. Time was, the party existed to protect those private unions; now it´s optional.

To make up for not being able to expropriate health-care cash until 2018 from the remnants of the old industrial unions, the Democrats conjured a 3.8% "Medicare tax" on higher-bracket investment income. Democrats and Mr. Obama defended the investment taxes as "fair-share" social justice. Much of Wall Street has been notable for its private philanthropy across an array of liberal and cultural causes, but now "giving back" means a pipeline hooked straight into the federal budget. Congressional staff will decide who gets what.

Liberals in the private sector have to come to grips with the fact that what they do for a living is an abstraction to the people they are sending to Washington. Nobody at the top of the party is much interested in them anymore. House and Senate Democrats hammered insurance, pharma and medical-device makers with taxes and intimidation. It wasn´t just politics. It was belief. With this bill, the party made the transition from market unionism to Alinskyism, from a politics tempered by the marketplace to one that milks the marketplace.

By default more than design, the Republicans now find themselves the party of the private economy. Their members, even in faraway Maine, should figure out how to align themselves with the interests of what is still the world´s most dynamic economy."

 From: cray0la     03/26/2010 05:35 AM     
  Sour Grapes Do Taste Bitter  
Don´t they?
  by: ichi     03/26/2010 06:04 AM     
You´re violating SN terms and conditions when you do this crap. And I quote:

A Copyright Notice PLEASE READ

Owing to our own research into this particular law, we´d like to make you aware now that if you post an entire article, regardless of if you source it properly and post the author´s name, it will be removed.

**Copying and pasting whole articles breaches copyright law**

One source defines this law thus:

"Copyright Act defines that short quotations for the purpose of criticism, commentary or news reporting are considered “fair use”. Notice that the quote should involve only a small portion of the work, and it should not replicate the “heart” of the material."

Please stop copying articles verbatim from this point on. A short paragraph, what you think about it and a link to the source material is all that the law allows.

Thank you,
the admin team

From: Lois_Lane

I know it´s so much more effort to excerpt an article and actually weigh in with your own opinion on something, but that´s what you´re supposed to do. Then again, I am talking to somebody who pops in once a month to spam the forums with Tea Party talking points ...
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/26/2010 06:24 AM     
  @ Ben_Reilly  
Taking bets on whether he´ll even man up and reply to any of this.

My money is on HELL NO!!

  by: NicPre     03/26/2010 07:59 PM     
No bet there! : )

Much like Rush Limbaugh, cray0la seems to exist to pop into our lives periodically and remind us that the GOP is made up of people like him.
  by: Ben_Reilly     03/26/2010 09:21 PM     
Well I would like to remind him that we haven´t forgotten!

So unless he is trying to catch a flight with Rush and wants donations, stop posting this useless crap.

  by: NicPre     03/26/2010 09:25 PM     
:´( LEt me get you a tissue for those tears cry0la
  by: tuogh     03/27/2010 01:46 AM     
I never read anything he posts. It´s usually just right-wing lies and propaganda.
  by: Lurker     03/27/2010 03:05 PM     
  crayola only know one thing...  
how to parrot fringe right wing talking points... even carnold puts more effort into his posts dispite being just as fringe as crayola.


"By default more than design, the Republicans now find themselves the party of the private economy."

they are the party of pro-big-buiness and SCREWING THE PEOPLE.... but as long as their pro-busness (like the democrats aren´ by which they mean constantly cutting taxes even (and esspecially) to the detriment of the nation then screwing the people is a moot point right?

...if only people like you actually understood what you support and so bitterly defend.
  by: HAVOC666     03/27/2010 04:30 PM     
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