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  It´s dead Jim.....  
 From: Valkyrie123     07/20/2017 02:20 AM     
  or in deep sleep....  
SN agents everywhere, but freelancing or working undercover. Oh, to get the band back together again....
  by: flashby     07/21/2017 11:16 AM     
  Valkyrie !  
Nice to see you´re still around Valk .,..
  by: WWarrior     07/24/2017 03:18 PM     
I ain´t dead yet but it´s been close too many times. Open heart surgery 2 years ago damn near did me in. Running on a pig valve now. Eat bacon every morning to reinforce it. You are what you eat. +

Been rebuilding a Catalina 22 sailboat as my cardio rehab project. I call it the Mr. Miyagi method, wax on, wax off. It´s about done. Going to launch this weekend and sail for a week. Major rebuild. Been on it non-stop for 2 years. Looks like a new boat, well, better than a new boat actually. Volunteering to rebuild the clubs boat next. Smaller but uglier. Keeps me out of the bars and out of jail I guess. Just photographed the last regatta here, 1000+ pics, and they gave me a $100 gift certificate to my favorite restaurant. Can´t beat that. Headed to the eclipse next month. Got reservations last October. Haven´t seen one since I was a kid. Should be good.
  by: Valkyrie123     07/25/2017 03:27 PM     
  Hey Valk!  
How´s my chicken? :-)
  by: caution2     07/27/2017 06:03 PM     
You made me tired just reading what you´ve been doing. Good for you!

[ edited by Lurker ]
  by: Lurker     08/01/2017 02:40 AM     
  Just got back from a week of sailing...  
It was good. Have a few modifications to do to the boat. Had a great ride. I´m old, I got the funk, but I ain´t dead...yet.


Delicious. No, your chicken is fine. Peafowl are doing great too. We´ve downsized to about 100 bird from 2000. I can´t do 5 hours of chores anymore. And if I´m going to drop dead it will be from doing something I enjoy.


Don´t sit down. If you sit you die. Just keep moving or they will throw dirt on you. I´ve got to fix a small leak on the boat, fiberglass work, sux. Been trying to find it and this time I did. Still have more wiring to do and shore power to install. Got the grill working on the boat and that is very nice. Shakedown cruise went well. Much to finish up. Didn´t sink, so we had that going for us. Get a hobby and keep busy. You´ll live forever.
  by: Valkyrie123     08/07/2017 05:39 AM     
  Well now  
I decided to see what was happening around here these days.

I got nostalgic seeing your usernames.
  by: erasedgod   08/18/2017 02:21 PM     
Yeah, some of us check in occasionally to see if the old site has any breath left. It´s sad to see what has become of it.

[ edited by Lurker ]
  by: Lurker     08/22/2017 02:09 AM     
  Just got back from the eclipse....  
went to casper Wy. it was clear and the eclipse was amazing. Only complaint was it lasted just 2 1/2 minutes. writing a letter to NASA to see if they could make it last longer next time. spent some time in the Big Horns and had a great time. it was hot in the desert. bird watching was very good. saw several Golden Eagles. Saw dozens of American Egrets. Don´t have many of those around here. Visited the Medicine Wheel. Nice to be back home.
  by: Valkyrie123     08/29/2017 01:32 AM     
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