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                 12/16/2017 06:02 AM  
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03/30/2015 07:29 PM ID: 100407 Permalink   

Germanwings Co-Pilot Had Suicidal Tendencies


Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings co-pilot who killed himself when he purposefully drove a plane carrying 149 other people into a mountain in the French Alps last week, had been treated for "suicidal tendencies", a German prosecutor said Monday.

"Several years ago before obtaining his pilot’s license, the co-pilot was in a long period of psychotherapeutic treatment for noticeable suicidal tendencies," Ralf Herrenbrueck explained.

Investigators have searched his apartment, but no suicide note was found. The plane´s voice recorder indicated that Lubitz was alone in the cockpit at the time of the crash while the other pilot frantically banged on the cockpit door.

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how the airline companies (and other transport firms) are not fully checking out a persons medical and psychological background thoroughly when they are in charge of vehicles transporting hundreds of people. Had a thorough review of Lubitz´s medical records been done, this would have been averted.
  by: captainJane     03/30/2015 08:49 PM     
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