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                 02/25/2018 10:47 AM  
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05/30/2015 07:46 PM ID: 100671 Permalink   

Paul McCartney Says He Quit Smoking Pot to Set Good Example for Kids and Grandkids


Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney says he has given up his beloved marijuana for the sake of his children and grandchildren.

"I don´t do it any more. Why? The truth is I don´t really want to set an example to my kids and grandkids. It´s now a parent thing," the 72-year-old said in an interview.

Instead of smoking pot he drinks a glass of wine or a "nice margarita", he revealed.

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  Good for him  
There are a mound of ways to relax or heal without it.
  by: captainJane     06/01/2015 12:05 AM     
you can bee a drunk. that is a better role model for the kiddies.
  by: 15men   06/02/2015 03:34 AM     
  You don´t need to get drunk.  
What ever happened to just living? Life is way to hard to get drunk or stoned, it just adds to the pressure of life and makes things even worse. Pity those that feel that way. Give me a good book or documentary and I am in my oils. Give me some nice clean weather and I would be in heaven. Can´t hope for a good conversation that would be asking to much. :P My dogs are the best company there is, so no complaints here.
  by: captainJane     06/02/2015 03:48 AM     
  By the way  
@15men. You are a grumpy old fart. Just saying! :P :))
  by: captainJane     06/02/2015 03:49 AM     
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