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                 02/25/2018 06:57 AM  
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06/03/2015 05:36 PM ID: 100683 Permalink   

Panties Once Owned by Hitler´s Wife, Eva Braun, for Sale at Ohio Antique Store


Manitiques in Elmore, an antique store in Ohio, is reportedly selling a pair of French silk underwear that once belonged to Adolf Hitler´s wife, Eva Braun.

The high-waisted undergarments monogrammed with the initials "EB" are sold together with a certificate of authenticity for $7,500.

Ernie Scarango, the shop owner, claims she purchased the underwear from Charles Snyder, a retired Air Force major. "I thought it´d be a good conversation piece to have Eva Braun´s underwear and make the store a destination of sorts," Scarango said.

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