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                 12/14/2017 07:42 PM  
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07/03/2015 11:58 AM ID: 100799 Permalink   

Teenager Dies After Not Going to the Bathroom for 8 Weeks


A 16-year-old girl from Cornwall, England reportedly died from a heart attack in February 2013 after spending eight weeks without making a bowel movement.

Emily Titterington, who had mild autism, suffered from "stool withholding", which eventually lead to a massive extension of the large bowel as well as compressed chest cavity and displaced organs. A paramedic explained that the girlĀ“s death could have been avoided.

The National Institute of Health says children "may withhold stool because they are stressed about toilet training, embarrassed to use a public bathroom, do not want to interrupt playtime, or are fearful of having a painful or unpleasant bowel movement".

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