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                 02/22/2018 06:07 AM  
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07/15/2015 12:26 PM ID: 100837 Permalink   

Teen Hikes to Safety After Surviving Plane Crash


A 16-year-old girl survived a plane crash that killed her step-grandparents in Washington´s Cascade Mountains and then hiked through thick forest to safety.

Autumn Veach was found dehydrated and covered in cuts and bruises near a hiking trail Tuesday. Her step-grandparents, Leland and Sharon Bowman, were killed when the small private plane crashed Saturday afternoon.

The aircraft left Kalispell, Mont. headed for Lynden, Wash. before crashing. Veach says she was able to escape the wreckage but could not rescue her grandparents. She reportedly followed a stream and walked out of the wilderness.

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