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                 12/17/2017 05:14 AM  
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08/07/2015 09:26 AM ID: 100936 Permalink   

Kellogg to Ban Artificial Ingredients From All Its Products by 2018


Kellogg Co. announced that they would phase out all artificial ingredients from its cereals and other products by 2018.

"We have been working to remove artificial colors and flavors across Kellogg´s branded cereals and a variety of Kellogg´s branded snack bars as well as Eggo frozen foods," president Paul Norman says.

The company said 75 percent of its cereals in North America are made without artificial colours and more than half without artificial flavours.

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  Still no good  
Sugar is not an artificial ingredient and yet these cereals are loaded with it. They need to get the sugar out. I stopped eating this crap years ago.
  by: TheBlob   08/07/2015 04:49 PM     
  Why 2018?  
Kelloggs and many other food companies are aware of the health problems additives and gmo´s are causing to the populace health on a massive scale.. Even a great deal of the consumers are starting to realise. If money is the name of their game they would do better cleaning up the food they supply.
  by: captainJane     08/14/2015 08:48 AM     
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