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                 12/15/2017 03:31 AM  
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09/08/2015 08:00 AM ID: 101063 Permalink   

Safety App "Companion" Makes Sure You Never Walk Home Alone Again


A new app called "Companion" makes sure that you don´t walk home alone at night.

Before setting off on a journey, users type in a starting point and destination. A designated "companion" can then track the phone´s GPS on a map. The user is also given the option to 911 from within the app.

"It makes it very easy to call 911, and it also has a feature where you can say I´m feeling really nervous," editor Nicholas Thompson explains. "Companion" was created by University of Michigan students.

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  i may not walk home alone alone  
but i sure as hell can still get mugged

[ edited by John E Angel ]
  by: John E Angel     09/10/2015 03:33 AM     
  Betting this is just another way...  
of keeping track on us. How could this possibly protect anyone.
  by: captainJane     09/10/2015 06:28 PM     
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