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                 12/17/2017 06:49 PM  
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09/08/2015 08:16 AM ID: 101064 Permalink   

David Cameron Admits Drone Killed Two Britons


UK Prime Minister David Cameron said Monday that two British citizens were killed in a targeted drone strike in Syria in August.

Cameron justified the attack, saying he tried to prevent terrorist outrages in the UK planned by Islamic State fighters. "There was a terrorist directing murder on our streets and no other means to stop them," he explained.

The attack killed Britons Reyaad Khan and Ruhul Amin in a vehicle near Raqqa on Aug. 21. Khan was from Cardiff, Wales and Amin from Scotland. Both left Britain to fight for ISIS.

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They revoked their citizenship by joining ISIL. They are dead now. Anybody who joins these barbarians deserves death.
  by: Lurker     09/08/2015 06:14 PM     
Israel why they are there. Oh I forgot it´s the darned muslims again.
  by: captainJane     09/10/2015 06:30 PM     
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