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                 12/17/2017 05:23 AM  
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09/21/2015 06:48 AM ID: 101107 Permalink   

Interest in ´Nehru & the Tantrik Woman´ kindles


Over a year after Narendra Modi took over as the Prime Minister of India, interest has rekindled in Mohan Deep´s historical fictional play ´Nehru and the Tantrik Woman´. This play can be another tool to destroy the ´Nehru Legacy´ by the BJP regime

The Maharashtra government had refused to allow the staging of this play as it could lead to a law and order problem. The play was about a fictitious search for Jawaharlal Nehru´s love child to counter the tyranny of Indira Gandhi during emergency.

The stories about Nehru´s love child started with a book by Nehru´s secretary M O Mathai. Shardha Mata, a Tantrik Woman, who supported Sanskrit as the national language, was said to have given birth to Nehru´s child who was given away in adaptation.

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