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                 12/17/2017 05:24 AM  
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10/16/2015 06:48 PM ID: 101138 Permalink   

Slain Woman´s Body Mistaken for Halloween Decoration


Police in Chillicothe, Ohio say the body of a dead woman hanging from a fence was initially dismissed by neighbors as a Halloween decoration.

31-year-old Rebecca Cade was eventually found by construction workers. However, at least one man passing the body thought it was a Halloween prank. "It was straight out of a horror story. She was hanging over there, her left hand up," a witness says.

Police have arrested Donnie Cochenour Jr., 27, who admitted that he and Cade had "an altercation". Detectives also said his clothes were bloody. Cade´s death does not seem to be related to a string of suspicious disappearances of women in the area.

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