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                 01/17/2018 04:05 AM  
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10/23/2015 06:43 PM ID: 101170 Permalink   

Jeb Bush Slashes Pay Due to Struggling Campaign


Jeb Bush on Friday ordered a wholesale restructuring of his struggling campaign.

The former front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination said he will cut payroll costs by 40 percent, downsize its Miami headquarters and cut travel expenses by 20 percent.

"This is about winning the race. We´re doing it now and making the shifts with confidence. We expect to win," one of his advisors told the press.

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Again the Republicans are running a Side Show slate of candidates. They likely didn´t want to win the last 2 elections and are willingly to throw a third one so someone else can fix W´s mess
  by: mcink2   10/24/2015 05:09 AM     
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