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                 12/17/2017 06:35 PM  
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10/24/2015 10:54 AM ID: 101175 Permalink   

Totem Pole Stolen by Drew Barrymore´s Grandfather Finally Returned to Alaska


A totem pole stolen by Drew Barrymore´s granddad John Barrymore in 1931 was returned to Alaska tribal members. The golden-age screen legend took the approximately 40-foot-tall pole from an unoccupied village during a yacht trip along the Alaskan coast.

After his death in 1942, another famous Hollywood actor, Vincent Price, bought it until he donated it to the Honolulu Museum of Art in 1981. University of Alaska Anchorage professor Steve Langdon, who researched the object, returned it to Alaska.

On Thursday, Tlingit tribal members finally received the pole and thanked Hawaii "for protecting the pole over the years". Langdon says it was used in burial rituals and at one point contained human remains.

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