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                 12/17/2017 04:43 PM  
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10/31/2015 09:20 PM ID: 101210 Permalink   

Self-Driving Cars More Prone to Accidents


Self-driving cars are far more likely to get into crashes than conventional cars, a new study found.

Self-driving vehicles crash about five times more. However, accidents with self-driving cars have mostly involved other cars crashing into them.

Most of the self-driving car testing takes place in California. That is why eight of the 11 crashes reported last year happened in the Golden State.

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The biggest boondoggle of the century. These cars are an idiotic idea.
  by: Lurker     11/01/2015 04:32 PM     
I somewhat agree.

I don´t think it´s a bad idea if it was workable.

Self-driving cars are more prone to accidents for the same reasons that toddlers fall down a lot when learning to walk. The technology is still in its infancy.

However, it opens up a can of worms of ethical and legal problems.

What would such a car do if faced with the situation of having nowhere to safely turn when a collision is unavoidable?

For example, a situation where stopping the car will not avoid a collision with an oncoming truck, so the car has no choice but to quickly swerve left or right, but on both sides are pedestrians and it would be impossible to avoid hitting them under any circumstances. And what if both of them were self-driving vehicles?

Does the car sacrifice the driver and allow the collision in order to save the pedestrians or does it decide that swerving to the right will only kill 3 people, but swerving left will kill 5 people, so it allows the drivers of the truck and car (2 lives) to die to save the most lives? And what if there were 6 people in the car and 4 in the truck?

In other words, such cars would eventually inevitably be forced to make life/death decisions on the highway. That is a certainty. Kids: Can you say ´lawsuit´?

The car would have to evaluate the worth of one life against another.

Who is held responsible if a self-driving car hits a child or goes out of control and causes serious damage? Am I at fault if my self-driving car runs over your kid and I had no control over the matter at all?

And hackers manipulating such vehicles ... let´s not even go there!

It will be a long, long time before we are technologically ready to let any computer-driven cars make the choice as to whether someone lives or dies.

It´s a nice idea on paper - but then, so was Communism. LOL

  by: deepsand   11/02/2015 08:09 AM     
  I too...  
...use to think that self-driving cars were a scary idea (specifically because of AI logic and software bugs), but then all you have to do is consider the unfathomable number of accidents caused by humans and the idea of autonomous vehicles really doesn´t seem at all ridiculous by comparison.
  by: harmacy   11/03/2015 09:07 AM     
  Accident prone counts for something  
Years back I had my insurance canceled because I was in three accidents that weren´t my fault. The insurance company told me I was ´accident prone´.
  by: TheBlob   11/03/2015 05:46 PM     
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