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                 12/17/2017 04:42 PM  
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11/18/2015 09:46 AM ID: 101289 Permalink   

Lawsuit: Amusement Park Lets Chimpanzee Smoke and Drink Soda


Animal rights activists are suing to get a chimpanzee out of the amusement park Dixie LandinĀ“ in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where the animal smokes cigarettes and is given soft drinks instead of water.

According to the suit, Candy is held in a cage that is "inadequate" and park visitors are allowed to throw stuff, including cigarettes, into her enclosure. "Cigarette smoking is very harmful for chimpanzees," the activists say.

"Defendants provide Candy exclusively with Coca-Cola instead, claiming that Candy does not like water," the suit claims. The group went to court for Cathy Breaux, 62, and Holly Reynolds, 96, who have campaigned for decades to get Candy out of the park.

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