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                 12/17/2017 06:44 PM  
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12/09/2015 10:54 AM ID: 101383 Permalink   

San Bernardino: Surge in Interest to Buy Guns After Attack


Long lines of shoppers have been forming outside San Bernardino gun stores after Syed Farook and his wife killed 14 people at a Christmas party.

More than two dozen people lined up outside a gun store when it opened Tuesday morning and business at the gun range where Farook did some Target practice before the shooting has risen 60 percent since the attack.

"911 is not that quick a response and in 2.5 seconds they are not going to be there," Desiree Pagliuso, a single mother of three, explained. "People are on edge, and people are a little extra cautious," San Bernardino Chief Jarrod Burguan said.

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