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                 12/14/2017 09:46 PM  
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12/27/2015 04:19 PM ID: 101465 Permalink   

Arson Suspected at Bill Clinton´s First Home


Authorities say the childhood home of former President Bill Clinton, located in Hope, Arkansas, was damaged by fire early Friday morning.

A passing motorist detected the blaze and reported it to police at 3:15 a.m. Bill Clinton lived in this house for four years after his birth in 1946.

"The building is in good shape, (and) the fire department extinguished the fire very quickly," Police chief J.R. Wilson said, adding there was "a strong odor of accelerant." An investigation is ongoing.

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Another Republican Trump worshiper acting his age and IQ.
  by: Lurker     12/27/2015 07:02 PM     
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