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                 02/25/2018 10:38 AM  
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01/05/2016 02:18 PM ID: 101501 Permalink   

Armed Robber Arrested After Taking "Snapchat Selfie" With Victim


Police in Pacific Grove, California say they were able to arrest an armed robber after he exchanged Snapchat information with one of the victims.

Victor Almanza-Martinez, 18 of Castroville and two other men approached four victims in a car Wednesday and robbed them at gunpoint. After that, Almanza-Martinez exchanged his Snapchat information with a female victim and snapped a selfie with her.

The suspect then sent the selfie to the woman, who, in turn, shared it with police. Authorities identified Almanza-Martinez via the photo. He is currently being held on $170,000 bail. The two other suspects are still at large.

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