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                 02/19/2018 10:35 PM  
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01/06/2016 01:41 PM ID: 101507 Permalink   

Hillary Clinton Promises to Investigate UFOs and Area 51


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said at a campaign stop in New Hampshire Tuesday she would investigate Area 51, the top secret military base in Nevada, if elected President.

She promised that she will "get to the bottom of the mystery behind UFOs".

So far, no other presidential contender has brought up the subject of UFOs and Area 51, which is rumored to be where the U.S. government hides alien visitors.

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Hell, her husband was President; why doesn´t she already know all about Area 51? LOL
  by: Lurker     01/06/2016 04:18 PM     
Both her and Bill are fuckin crazy. God forbid she somehow commits the biggest voter fraud ring in history and gets in.

[ edited by phobos_anomaly ]
  by: phobos_anomaly     01/08/2016 03:05 PM     
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