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                 02/23/2018 10:44 PM  
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10/25/2000 08:47 AM ID: 1021 Permalink   

Astronauts Discover New Mini-Planet in Our Solar System


Scientists have discovered a new minor planet orbiting our sun between Neptune and Pluto. The object, about a quarter of the size of Pluto, is larger than most known asteroids, but too small to be considered a regular planet.

There are thousands of other "minor planets" in our solar system, but this new one, called 2000 EB173, is the second largest to be discovered. Ceres, located between Mars and Jupiter, is the largest.

EB173 is part of a cluster of icy objects called the Kuiper Belt. Scientists believe that this may be left over remains of the material that originally formed the solar system.

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who needs iceblocks??? I want sun and warmth basically a comfy new planet with a name that sounds nice...
  by: Ludmila     10/25/2000 11:49 AM     
  Ahh, what a solar system!  
That's the great thing about our solar system! Planets like Mercury and Venus for the sun babes, and Pluto and EB173 for the snow babes. I only wonder why Earth is the most popular tourist location, when it's climate is so run-of-the-mill boring!
  by: SandraG     10/25/2000 12:05 PM     
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