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                 12/18/2017 12:29 AM  
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01/21/2016 10:52 AM ID: 102559 Permalink   

Las Vegas Driver Who Hit Dozen Pedestrians Could Face 1,000 Years


Thw woman who intentionally drove her vehicle into a crowd of people on the Las Vegas strip in December now faces a total of 71 charges.

24-year-old Lakeisha Holloway killed one person and injured 35 others. She is facing more than 1,000 years in prison, if convicted on all charges.

Authorities say Holloway also faces child abuse charges after allegedly striking an 11-year-old with her vehicle while her 3-year-old daughter was sitting in the backseat.

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Just another example of a fine, upstanding, law abiding, liberal.
  by: phobos_anomaly     01/21/2016 05:57 PM     
Dumb shit. It has nothing to do with politics, asshole.
  by: Lurker     01/21/2016 11:53 PM     
In your own words; "If it offends you, I donĀ“t care."

[ edited by phobos_anomaly ]
  by: phobos_anomaly     01/22/2016 12:38 AM     
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