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                 02/18/2018 07:32 AM  
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01/27/2016 01:58 PM ID: 102583 Permalink   

2 Dead, 3 Wounded in Shooting at Seattle Homeless Camp


Police in South Seattle say two people have been killed and three others wounded in a shooting at a homeless camp.

The deceased are two men. Those injured were taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. A woman and a man are reportedly in critical condition, and a woman is in serious condition.

Police are now searching the area for two male suspects as the investigation continues.

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We see the result of all those liberal gun free zones and laws.

  by: phobos_anomaly     01/27/2016 08:27 PM     
They were shot by Trump worshipers.
  by: Lurker     01/28/2016 05:10 AM     
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