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                 02/18/2018 07:45 AM  
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02/03/2016 01:07 PM ID: 102620 Permalink   

Amazon Plans to Open Hundreds of Bookstores


Amazon reportedly plans to open up to 400 physical bookstores in the U.S., a mall executive said.

This move would position the world’s top online retailer as a competitor to booksellers such as Barnes & Noble and Book-A-Million Inc. At present, Amazon operates a single bookstore in Seattle.

"There are all kinds of studies that show the best way to find things when you don´t know what you´re looking for is an old-fashioned bookstore. I think that´s a major part of what Amazon is trying to do with this bookstore in Seattle," an expert says.

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Most books stores are struggling to make a profit. Fewer and fewer Americans read books anymore. I don´t see how Amazon thinks they´ll be any different. The book has gone the way of the compact disc. Sad.
  by: Lurker     02/03/2016 11:29 PM     
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