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                 02/25/2018 03:03 AM  
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02/12/2016 12:16 PM ID: 102654 Permalink   

Missing Woman´s Body Was in Walmart Parking Lot for Months


A 22-year-old woman who was found dead in her car in a parking lot at Walmart in Salinas, California had likely been there for three months.

Surveillance video from the parking lot shows that Lauren Jessie Moss´s Volkswagen Jetta had been in the same parking spot since December. Security video of the parking lot only dates back to December which means she could have been there even longer

Moss was last seen on Nov. 13 when she left a rehab center in Seaside. Her body was found on Feb. 3. Her sister says a suicide note as well as a drug needle were discovered in the Jetta.

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  I used to work at A-Basin ski area....  
we had a guy go off the last hairpin curve just above the resort and crash into a snowdrift during a blizzard. The car was buried till the spring thaw. I was working at my job with a dead guy in a car just 100yds away for months and didn´t know it.
  by: valkyrie123     02/12/2016 05:42 PM     
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