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                 01/21/2018 01:39 PM  
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The Quality You Need and the Service You Deserve


Since 1983, The Petersen Group became one of the most trustworthy custom home builders in Alaska because of its exceptional and quality works. Their customers proved that their layout designs always exceeds their expectations and are consistently on

Aside from custom home building, the firm can also develop condominium neighborhoods with single-family homes, townhomes, and condominium suites. The firmĀ“s professionalism, as well as its expertise, helped numerous clients in building their vision i

Each of us needs a place where our family can be very comfortable and can enjoy their daily lives, and this is where a custom built home comes into play because it can fulfill this specific need of ours.

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  The quality you need...  
and the service you deserve will not be found on Short News any more. Sad loss.
  by: Valkyrie123     04/07/2016 07:08 PM     
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