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                 02/25/2018 03:06 AM  
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07/07/2016 05:59 AM ID: 102717 Permalink   

City Crew Stops Tectonic Plate Shift


A Hayward, Calif City Work Crew found the source of the San Andres Fault system at the end of the Hayward Fault. A seemingly innocuous broken curb was actually the beginning of the entire fault system.

By realigning the curb the crew prevented the dreaded Klondike Zipper Effect, named after the inventor of the Klondike Ice Cream Bar. This simple curb repair stopped the movement of two Tectonic Plates forever.

Geologists across the State are disappointed as they have lost their job security and may have to move elsewhere.

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With any luck, after the new curb is done, a big earthquake will snap it back to its former location. Maybe then they┬┤ll be happy again.
  by: newsie   07/07/2016 07:39 PM     
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