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                 12/17/2017 05:14 AM  
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07/07/2016 03:04 PM ID: 102718 Permalink   

Man Recovers from Stroke, Can Only Speak Pig Latin


Alf Nestor of Sesame Street awoke half paralyzed, no long able to speak his native language. When he tried to speak only strange guttural sounds came out of his mouth.

His Doctors recorded his words and sent the recordings to Oxford University for analysis. There, language expertologists recognized the sounds as Pig-Latin.

When the Doctors asked Alf how he learned Pig Latin Alf responded, "I-way don´t ow-knay, I´ve ever-nay een-bay o-tay atin-Lay efore-bay."

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I like that he had a second stroke that reversed the effects of the first stroke, and is now a successful novelist.
  by: newsie   07/07/2016 07:49 PM     
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