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                 12/15/2017 05:17 AM  
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02/07/2017 05:37 AM ID: 102741 Permalink   

Liberals are upset with Lady GaGa´s halftime show


Armed with nothing more than weak rhetoric and a huge chip on their shoulders, Liberals took to twitter to slam Lady Gaga for not being more political with her Superbowl half time show.

"Lady Gaga´s lack of a political message in contrast to Beyoncés Black Panther salute last year is telling. Black Women do the heavy lifting." "Colossal waste of an opportunity @ladygaga ; @pepsi @intel . I guess money really does trump principles."

"Lady Gaga is the epitome of dumb white ally. Every opportunity to stand up to trump & instead preached togetherness." "Disappointed Lady Gaga didn´t take the opportunity to speak against Trump at the #PepsiHalftime show at #Superbowl today."

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