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                 02/23/2018 11:04 PM  
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10/25/2000 12:33 PM ID: 1033 Permalink   

Love in Seven Minutes?


In America, a new trend in dating is sweeping the nation. It's called Speed Dating.

The speed dating company is run by a Jewish organization, and boasts a 50% success rate of getting couples together.

The idea is that a group of men and women are split into couples. Each couple has seven minutes to chat together, before moving on to the next 'date'. Afterwards, if both partners want to meet again, the company passes on their phone numbers.

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brilliant. and the success rate is 50% because they only have to be a couple for 10 minutes. they live in a high speed world i have no access to (so far) can anybody help me???
  by: Ludmila     10/25/2000 03:40 PM     
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