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                 02/19/2018 10:30 AM  
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10/25/2000 04:50 PM ID: 1042 Permalink   

Are Brits Curry Junkies?


A research team at Nottingham Trent University has found out that Curry is addictive.

The Indian dish is said to accelerate the heartbeat and awaken the senses. That might be the reason why it has long outrun the popularity of good old Fish and Chips in the UK.

Apparently the thought of Curry alone can give some people a high. Enjoy!

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I'm and addict as well. are there self-help-groups I can join?!!!
and how can I post this comment without my name... I dont want everyone to know that Im curry addicted, as I suppose its a serious disease. where can I seek medical and psychological treatment??? Im sooooo worried.
where in town is a fish and chips shop seems thats the food one needs to get over the curry addiction...??!!
  by: Ludmila     10/30/2000 04:52 PM     
I'm very worried about you, my dear! But unfortunately this is not the town to cure Curry addiction by Chipies, so I'd recommend for your special case a therapeutic stay in Birmingham... there you will get and get over the temptation of Curry... Sounds good???
  by: miss i     10/31/2000 12:14 PM     
I cant wait to get back to birmingham... its such a lovely place. but unfortunately its got more balti houses than fushnchups shops...
well, honestly if it comes to food Id go back there for the curries sake.
this is the evidence for my addiction I suppose...
  by: Ludmila     10/31/2000 05:17 PM     
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