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                 04/23/2014 08:08 PM  
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09/18/2001 10:49 PM ID: 10647 Permalink   

US Had Planned War Against Afghanistan For October Anyway - Before Terrorist Attacks


US officials had planned to take military action against Afghanistan. They wanted to either kill or capture both Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader and Osama Bin Laden.

They said they would have had to start the war before the end of October because they did not want to fight in winter, so the latest date for an attack would have been soon anyway.

The diplomat who provided this information has heard it at a UN sponsored international meeting on Afghanistan.
He believes that not even Bin Laden's extradition would prevent a war.

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in the words of a courageous young man on Flight 93, when taking action against the terrorists thus denying them the chance to use their plane to attack another landmark, "Let's roll"
  by: maxpeck   09/27/2001 05:03 PM     
I seem to recall a few Americans saying a similar thing before they got their asses whooped by a tiny south-east asian nation only just coming out of a war with France.
  by: Daft_Punk   09/27/2001 05:19 PM     
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