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                 02/23/2018 02:57 PM  
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09/22/2001 12:39 AM ID: 10813 Permalink   

14-Year-Old Loses 1/2 His Penis in Porn Move Practise


A couple of young Indian girls asked a boy to help them when they wanted to "play" oral sex as they saw it in porn movies.
The guy agreed and joined in the sex-practise.

Somehow he lost half of his penis during the experience. Yet it's not known how this could happen. The girls have disappeared from where they lived.

Doctors failed when trying to reattach the missing half of the young guy's penis. The 14-year-old is in a critical condition.

The kids' parents didn't know about what the teenagers were doing because they were at work.

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  by: Accord_R   09/22/2001 04:21 AM     
Man that's very stink to hear, basically that boy might not want to live anymore, and he must MUST be in pain.
Very sad to hear....I actually wondered how he lost it?
  by: iMX     09/22/2001 07:07 AM     
i think all owners of a penis would be able to figure out the 'somehow'
  by: Albert_Aab   09/22/2001 11:55 AM     
I guess they wanted to have pac-man style oral sex.
  by: Neo8686   09/23/2001 04:19 PM     
I bet you that boy was so excited when he found out he was gonna get 2 girls. That is funny.
  by: Digital_Darknes   09/27/2001 05:04 AM     
and my girlfriend said i aint missing anything when she refuses oral lol OUCH
  by: Lpark02   05/22/2002 10:58 PM     
  by: ferike   03/01/2006 10:38 AM  
  by: ferike   03/02/2006 09:45 AM     
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