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                 02/20/2018 08:47 AM  
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09/23/2001 12:56 AM ID: 10837 Permalink   

Authorities Ban 50-Hour- Sex Orgy


A Brasilian club organised a special event for 1.500 hedonists - a weekend in a huge sauna club.

Rio de Janeiro's archbishop did not like the idea, and asked local authorities to intervene. They found that the club had no permission to host the event so they closed the site.

Now the organisers want to have their sauna romp somewhere else in a couple of weeks.

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damn it would be cool if i was at that party, lol
  by: iMX     09/24/2001 08:42 AM     
  Party @ my place!  
...just nobody mess with the stereo...
  by: maxpeck   09/27/2001 05:06 PM     
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