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                 04/23/2014 09:14 AM  
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09/25/2001 11:31 AM ID: 10970 Permalink   

US Now Says 8 Planes Were Targeted For Hijacking


The US government now believes that up to 8 separate planes may have been targeted for hijackings on September 11th after they say they discovered more knives and boxcutters on board planes.

Two Delta planes have been found to contain the weapons and authorities are not sure if they are a decoy or if they were meant to be involved in the terror attacks.

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Look, it does matter that the additional acts may have been prevented, but realize they were sucessfull in destroying landmarks and lives in 3 of the 4 hijackings and the passengers of 4th plane did perish, but not without a fight. Does it matter MORE if we avoided another attack or that we were attacked.

Again as I have always stated, to the peace loving Muslims of the world... God is Great.
I share your hope for a world at peace.

For the vermin that hides behind the claim of terror in the name of God, you can run but you'll only die tired.

  by: maxpeck   09/27/2001 09:51 PM     
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