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                 02/23/2018 05:13 PM  
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09/26/2001 12:09 PM ID: 11027 Permalink   

Brittney Gets Robbed - Thieves Take 'Personal' Videotape!


The home that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake rent has apparently been robbed by a number of teenagers according to the police in Florida.

The police say they have arrested 4 boys for their efforts in taking $5,000 worth of stuff from the house, including video equipment.

One of the boys was arrested just after he started dubbing a video of the pair that apparently showed 'personal moments'.

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seems everyone wants a bit of Britney=) that boy would of made fortunes man...
  by: iMX     09/26/2001 02:33 PM     
  But would you really want a porno of J. Timberlake  
It would be more of a girl/girl scene I'm sure...oh well, if they managed to get a copy stashed away, I'm sure we'll soon see it.
  by: maxpeck   09/26/2001 09:49 PM     
  enough with the taliban  
I think the us should send troops in to locate and mass produce those video tapes, nothing would boost the moral of the Usa. All i got to say is baby id hit it one more time
  by: arachnid   09/27/2001 06:02 PM     
  man you should see the tapes  
i downloaded them as soon as i found out. i don't think britney is a virgin anymore!
man what a slut!
  by: CIark_Kent   09/29/2001 08:01 PM     
we believe you..
  by: Psychosis   09/29/2001 08:47 PM     
they were sex tapes? i heard this rumor like a week ago in the Eden's Crush Message board
  by: Accord_R   09/30/2001 09:28 PM     
Where did you download it at?
  by: Inedpendant_Taz   09/30/2001 10:47 PM     
  The moment has finally come  
I highly doubt that the cops managed to get that tape. The kid probably already made 10 copies by the time the cops came, and anyways, the cops would probably copy the tape themselves! But I do agree that Justin Timberfaggot's pussy is one I don't want to see.
  by: LH002o0o   09/30/2001 10:48 PM     
  It'd be so worth it tho  
That kid's gonna be a legend. If he actually got any copies off to his buds before he was tagged. I think it'd be worth it tho to see britney's snatch... even if it means seeing timberlake's bony ass. That's what the fast forward button's for.
  by: CoReXS   09/30/2001 10:58 PM     
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