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                 02/25/2018 06:59 AM  
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10/22/2001 11:07 AM ID: 12173 Permalink   

Bjork topless in her new video


In the video for her new single 'Pagan Poetry', Bjork appears topless.

The director of the video Nick Knight said that Bjork has even sewn pearls into her skin. Her original idea actually was to sew pearls into her nipples.

The video can be seen on Bjork's website.

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can anybody stop that woman?
  by: LittleLudmila     10/22/2001 11:17 AM     
  And if so...  
...why aren't they?
  by: ThatShortGuy   10/22/2001 10:16 PM     
  RE: gross  
Not legally, no.. But if someone would buy me a cheap 7.62mm compatible sniper rifle and complying silencer, gloves, a miniature incenerator, and some 7.62mm NATO ammunition, I could(n't)*.

*legally, couldn't.
*illegally, could.
  by: Neo8686   10/23/2001 06:35 AM     
  RE: RE: gross  
Payment won't be too steep, contact me through.. well.. uhh... contact me somehow. :P
  by: Neo8686   10/23/2001 06:36 AM     
  i can see..but  
i can see how you guys dont like the hole perls in the skin think but truthfully i reallly like her style and just the shear wierdness =)
  by: arachnid   10/23/2001 02:35 PM     
  She's hot  
Personally I think Bjork is freakin hot. Her music is weird, I don't especially like it, but I can respect weird. At least she's not *N'Sync! As far as the pearls -- strange, but it is, after all, Bjork. What did you expect?
  by: Low_Man   10/23/2001 10:24 PM     
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