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                 01/23/2018 11:06 PM  
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11/12/2000 05:30 PM ID: 1355 Permalink   

Thin or fat women - who has the better sex ?


Scientists asked 3,500 European and American women about their sex lives. The result: Thin women who are self-confident had sex more often and more orgasms than fat women. The sex live of thin women is more adventurous, too.

A scientist summarize:

"They were also prepared to try out new sexual activities and had greater confidence in their ability to give their partner sexual pleasure."

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The headline is wrong. Correct: Thin or fat women - who haS the better sex ?

I am sorry.

Sex with thin women is better. This is my point of view.
  by: KingRandy     11/12/2000 05:34 PM     
women is plural ->have
if you feel like writing woman -> has.
A scientis is 3rd person singular (like woman) -> summarizes.
and I dont trust this survey...
why should fat women be less confident than some skinny and bony things?
  by: Ludmila     11/13/2000 11:28 AM     
Someone has changed it into has.
  by: KingRandy     11/13/2000 10:53 PM     
cause in the title (the forum headline anyway) its still "had". but i suppose thats netscape... wouldnt blame it on shortnews...
  by: Ludmila     11/14/2000 10:08 AM     
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