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                 04/16/2014 03:05 PM  
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12/07/2001 11:13 AM ID: 14129 Permalink   

Mobile Communication For Deep-Sea Divers?


France Telecom is working on a 32 million Euro technology, which should allow oil drillers, archaeologists, and others deep below the surface of the ocean to communicate with those above.

"This project is still evolving but we envisage that some day small diving clubs would be keen to have this system for extra safety and to communicate with divers without them having to come up to the surface," said one of the inventors.

The system transmits sound from a mouthpiece, through the teeth, and into the ears. The inventors admit that it is not as easy to understand what is being said as normal phone lines. Also, a cable must be attached from the diver to a float.

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