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                 01/16/2018 02:27 PM  
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01/04/2002 09:44 AM ID: 15275 Permalink   

Weather Forecaster Could Be Arrested For Getting It Wrong


A weather forecaster in Barzil could well be arrested after he predicted a cold front would bring torrential rain to Rio de Janeiro on New Years Day. The rain never arrived.

The cities Mayor wants him charged with "sounding a false alarm" because he could have caused panic in the city. Recent heavy rains in Brazil have killed a number of people.

The man who made the prediction said that meteorologists all though that it would happen but that "The cold front broke up earlier than expected" after he had spoken to them.

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  where's barzil?  
  by: TheBoyWhoCouldCry   01/05/2002 07:05 AM     
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