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                 01/16/2018 10:25 PM  
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01/04/2002 02:00 PM ID: 15311 Permalink   

Girl Shot in Head for Mobile Phone Recovering at Home


A 19-year-old who was shot in the head on New Years day is making a remarkable recovery at home with her family. Doctors released her just 4 days after cheating death in a mobile phone robbery.

The girl does not want to be named as the man who shot her has not yet been caught and she fears for her safety. Doctors say the only reason why she isn't dead was because she moved her head at the last minute, and received a fractured skull.

The girl is helping police catch the robber, with detectives visiting her to try and build an e-fit (computer drawing).

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lucky to be alive
  by: jessez   01/04/2002 06:59 PM     
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