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                 01/21/2018 09:09 AM  
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01/04/2002 04:31 PM ID: 15324 Permalink   

Investigation launched after mum gives birth 'on toilet'


An investigation is under way after a mother claimed she gave birth to her premature baby on a hospital toilet.
Lisa Rice says doctors had insisted she was not pregnant before she gave birth to a girl she named Jessica, who was stillborn.

A spokesman for Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham, Kent, says it will liaise with Miss Rice and her partner when the facts have been established. Rice and her partner J. Beer believe their daughter may still be alive if staff had acted differently.

Jessica, who was due to be born early next month, was born on October 31, weighing just under 1lb.

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ITS MOM, YOU SAY THAT IN ALL YOUR REPORTS. Even if you say mum it is still spelled mom.
  by: Richman777   01/04/2002 07:43 PM     
I´m German !
But thank you for visiting the news !
  by: ODY     01/04/2002 07:56 PM     
  hey Richman  
Americans and Candians say Mom, the rest of the english speaking world say MUM, so shut it! ;o)
  by: Lois_Lane     01/07/2002 09:22 AM     
  I think  
He's right, that however, it's pronounced, it's still spelled 'mom'.

The Merriam-Webber dictionary lists the definition of 'mum' as:
Function: adjective
Etymology: probably imitative of a sound made with closed lips
Date: 14th century
: SILENT <keep mum>

I think the criticism of the spelling could have been a bit friendlier, however ;)
  by: SandraG     01/07/2002 09:54 AM     
  well no  
He's not right, in Australia we learnt to spell it Mum, in Britain they spell it Mum (queen Mum for example) and in NZ, pretty sure they spell it Mum too... in germany, as far as I know (from speaking to people here) they learn Oxford English as the prodominant English pronunciation/spelling etc. so I guess it's where your from, and who's teaching you.
  by: Lois_Lane     01/07/2002 10:08 AM     
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