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                 01/17/2018 10:19 AM  
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01/04/2002 06:19 PM ID: 15333 Permalink   

55 Cars Crash in the Fog


15 people were left injured and one killed, after heavy fog caused a 55-car pileup in California.

The crash, which occurred around 9 am local time, was just one of many in the area sparked by the fog. The highway had to be shut down while the cars were cleared.

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  a lot of cars  
wow, 55 cars. thats a lot of cars crashed
  by: jessez   01/04/2002 07:02 PM     
  Drive the speed limit no matter what!  
I live in a very small rural area in PA that has mostly 2 lane roads. Whenever I go into a large city or onto a thru way or any 4 lane or multiple lane road, I have noticed one thing that stands out with the mentality of most city drivers.
I have noticed that if the speed limit is posted at 55 mph then most drive at 55 or above, if it’s posted at 65 mph, then they drive at 65 or above. If it’s posted at 70 mph then they drive at 70 or above and all bumper to bumper. What’s wrong with this you might ask? Nothing, but when the weather is bad, meaning ice, snow, rain, fog or what ever bad situation, the same people still have the mentality to think that they as EXPERT drivers MUST still drive the posted speed limit. This story says that the fog caused this accident. That is not true. As with most accidents you will find out that someone STILL thought they MUST drive at the speed limit which is to fast for the foggy conditions. With this type of mentality, expect more crashes because these EXPERT drivers think they MUST drive the speed limit no matter what the conditions!
  by: Hoz     01/04/2002 07:50 PM     
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