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                 02/20/2018 08:28 PM  
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01/11/2002 09:43 AM ID: 15608 Permalink   

Britney wearing only knickers in her new film


The first five minutes in her new film, Britney is wearing only knickers and a T-shirt and is singing and dancing around her bedroom.

In the movie Lucy, played by Britney, also sleeps with Ben, played by Anson Mount and she also loses her virginity.

The movie is called Crossroads.

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  must love  
those spelling mistakes that are on the ticker for days!!!
  by: littleLudmila     01/14/2002 09:33 AM     
  deceiving title  
i have to admit, that title was very deceptive in stating that she is only wearing knickers. she also wears a tshirt! thats teasing. now when's the real video *wink wink* gonna get released of her?
  by: calmlikabomb   01/15/2002 10:05 PM     
  Incomplete and pointless  
Not only is this news uninteresting and's pointless. Especially "and she also loses her virginity" because it is a movie, virginity can be lost and be created. Basically she has sex, period.
  by: LKJ824   01/23/2002 05:09 AM     
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